Merchandising Centric

Superior on which decisions drive ROI. Contextual, actionable, and accurate on nuances. Sit back and review.

Results Focus

More applicable, thus makes & saves you money. Metrics geared. Using a feedback loop (incl. human input) to build your IP.


Flexible to all use cases, unifies everyone, and easy to start. High scale/speed allows early decisions over complexities.

It’s Very Retail & Profits First.

Every large retailer realizes this is the right direction
Wave Wave

Retail AI v1 intended well, but it was short-sighted

Planning softwares are comprehensive, but expensive, time consuming, built on so-so AI, and only somewhat accurate. They’re built to visualize and organize, not create new value or address opportunity. AI teams are great but projects aren’t repeatable, and are tricky to scale. Productizing a commercial solution internally, and transitioning people to it, let alone real world action and feedback, is tough.

The Revolutionary Approach Is Invisible

We’ll deliver your own platform; to plug into all of merchandising & supply chain
1000 +
Accurate predictions/1 sec to give best decisions for profit
Central AI to power every different use case, & forever learn
Waiting, need for RFPs, or business/tech effort on your part

But those vested in v1
push the average way, to survive

So We'll Apply Our Solution To You

You’re buying outcomes; and only paying for technology

To enhance gross revenue, margin, and meet customer needs, predict demand to show what SKUs, how many, and when to buy, for my assortment.

Rinona Wyder
Rinona Wyder

To improve profit, out of stock (loss sales) and in stock % (noting holding costs), forecast sales for different localized allocation plans.

Tomas Bangeltor
Tomas Bangeltor

To best increase sell through at target margins, show probabilistic forecasts on how long & deep to markdown, noting post-promo cannibalization

Jenny Connelli
Jenny Connelli

Grow GMROI and inventory profitability by predicting sales, showing the right products, stores, frequencies, and quantities to replenish.

Pal Lacino
Pal Lacino

To maximize cash on hand and reduce logistics lead time & costs, forecast different range options for a BOPIS & store delivery initiative.

Josie Fodster
Josie Fodster

To solve problems, create opportunity, drive results, and show you the way.

Proving it with calculated steps

Keeping Your Best Interests First

Giving tangible, impactful innovation until you decide to go all the way.
Dealing To Planning Unknowns In Beauty
Staying Ahead Of Local Customer Expectations In Apparel
5 Ways Retailers Use AI to Increase ROI

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