Click Of A Button

Well over 100K contextual forecasts in a minute. Per SKU, per product, per day; long ahead of time.

Play Out Decisions

See the options; take the best one. The right product, right price, right place, at the right time.

Robust Enterprise Scale

Cloud based, underpinning 10s of millions of prediction iterations per day, for your entire business.

Build internal retailing IP, change the game.

Don’t put hard work, efforts, processes, considerations, insights, data points, actions, and results (good or unideal) to waste. That’s your IP. Codify, unify, and amass it.
The feedback loop of machine learning means the next time anyone in merchandising or supply chain make decisions, all that will be automatically leveraged. This ensures immediately working with precision, ease, speed, and tangible results.

Single source of truth, once & for all

Finally; one clear version of truth for all users in merchandising, supply chain, & management. Simplify the many different systems. Ensure disparate internal functions aren’t saying different things.
Consistent predictions across all departments
1 cohesive engine for all systems & users to enjoy
Defragment the multi-node & echelon processes

Industry best accuracy
& precision

No debate Mr. Smape. Our models deal to nuance (intermittent sales, new products, low volumes, price elasticity, seasonality, choice modelling, local factors, real world practicalities, true propensity, etc.). A unique model per prediction (amongst millions) rolls all the way up to respecting profitability and your cost of capital.

Outcomes Over Technology

To enhance gross revenue, margin, and meet customer needs, predict demand to show what SKUs, how many, and when to buy, for my assortment.

Rinona Wyder
Rinona Wyder

To improve profit, out of stock (loss sales) and in stock % (noting holding costs), forecast sales for different localized allocation plans.

Tomas Bangeltor
Tomas Bangeltor

To best increase sell through at target margins, show probabilistic forecasts on how long & deep to markdown, noting post-promo cannibalization

Jenny Connelli
Jenny Connelli

Grow GMROI and inventory profitability by predicting sales, showing the right products, stores, frequencies, and quantities to replenish.

Pal Lacino
Pal Lacino

To maximize cash on hand and reduce logistics lead time & costs, forecast different range options for a BOPIS & store delivery initiative.

Josie Fodster
Josie Fodster

Improve bottom line in days, not months