How Much Have You Made?

From all the big softwares, consultants, and AI teams?
Profit Oriented
Making money and/or saving money. We are passionate about this.
Focus on a specific use case, challenge, or opportunity. Then expand.
Outcome Driven
Simple, clear, with a quantitative and qualitative philosophy.
Success Management
There with large retailers after deployment ensuring we’re tracking well.
Merchandising Literate
Speaking the same language, metrics, and art as you. We relate.
No Consulting Fees
We charge for technology that produces ROI. Not man-hours.

Our Commitment

Passion To Solve The Problem / Opportunity 100%
Desire To Learn & Understand Your Ways 100%
Collaborative And Enjoyable To Work With 100%
World Class & Everlasting Technology 100%

Value Creation Is Mandatory

But to produce tangible effects, AI must also demonstrate things

More Than Science

Appreciating the art, commercial, real world, and human element.

Measure Propensity

To show true demand, and help you re-think your approach.

Operationally Useful

In making the best decisions that can actually be acted on

Metrics Shifting

Validated as impactful at macro and micro level.

Leave The Vacuum
Of RFPs & Vendors

Your Own Central & Hyper-alert AI

The right take on intelligent merchandising is retail & results first.
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To enhance gross revenue, margin, and meet customer needs, predict demand to show what SKUs, how many, and when to buy, for my assortment.

Rinona Wyder,
Testimonial Image

To improve profit, out of stock (loss sales) and in stock % (noting holding costs), forecast sales for different localized allocation plans.

Tomas Bangeltor,
Testimonial Image

To best increase sell through at target margins, show probabilistic forecasts on how long & deep to markdown, noting post-promo cannibalization

Jenny Connelli,
Testimonial Image

Grow GMROI and inventory profitability by predicting sales, showing the right products, stores, frequencies, and quantities to replenish.

Pal Lacino,
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To maximize cash on hand and reduce logistics lead time & costs, forecast different range options for a BOPIS & store delivery initiative.

Josie Fodster,

Every Large Retailer Will Take This Approach

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